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Diversity In Clean Beauty: Hispanic Beauty Bloggers Share Their Holy Grail Products

In the third instalment of my series on Diversity in Clean Beauty, I am joined by a chorus of Hispanic Beauty Bloggers who are sharing their Holy Grail products as well as their thoughts on the industry. 
There are a few familiar names and cult favorites in their responses, but I've also discovered a lot of new products that I am adding to my wishlist. More importantly, they each have an important message to the industry about what it means to navigate this space as a person of color and I hope that brands and PR firms are listening and paying close attention.
P/S: Products marked with asterisks are the blogger's own affiliate links (otherwise I've linked to the brand's product page), and your purchase through those clicks will help support the wonderful work that they do!
P/S: Read the entire Diversity in Clean Beauty series here

Amanda @greenbeautylove
How did you get into clean beauty?

I switched over to green/clean beauty products about 7 years ago after learning about the lack of ingredient regulation in the U.S. I started looking for alternatives for not only my beauty products but also for bath, fragrance, and home care. I was pleasantly surprised that they worked just as well if not better than the conventional products I was using. I’ve been hooked ever since.

A few years ago I started my blog Green Beauty Love as a way to share my love for all things green beauty with the hope of inspiring others to start their own clean/green beauty journeys. Another reason I decided to start my blog was that I wanted to create a space that highlighted BIPOC-owned beauty and wellness brands, bloggers, influencers, and green beauty aficionados who are too often underrepresented in the beauty industry.

Let's talk favourites!

Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara is THE BEST natural mascara on the market, in my humble option. It lengthens, volumizes, and most importantly holds a lash curl. I have stick-straight lashes and this is the only mascara that gives my lashes a super full look without smudging.

Willow and Oak Body Butters are out of this world! I can't get enough of the Palo Santo & Vanilla scent! I keep this on my bedside table to hydrate my hands before I go to sleep. I like that the formula sinks in quickly yet leaves my hands feeling ultra-soft. I also love that the gentle fragrance lingers and helps me relax before bed.

Antonin B Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum Hair Oil is a Godsend. It's perfect for anyone with dry color-treated hair or just wants to add a little shine back into the hair. A few drops of this potent lightweight oil helps restore moisture to my dry ends and makes my hair more manageable and glossy. I could not live in L.A. without this.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator is the bomb. There are over 40 herbs, oils, and adaptogens in this product that work synergistically to create the perfect hybrid of toner and moisturizer.  There is truly no other product like this on the market. I reach for this after cleansing or anytime my skin needs a little extra moisturizing TLC.

What is lacking in the clean beauty world? 

I've found clean equivalents to all the products I use however I know the same can't be said for the clean beauty community at large. I see a clear lack of options when it comes to complexion products for folks with warm and deep skin tones. I'd love to see more brands expand their foundation, concealer, bronzer and powder ranges so that they are more inclusive. 

You can follow Amanda on Instagram @greenbeautylove and @snapshotlopes and check out her blog at Green Beauty Love and her photography website Amanda Lopez.

Luisa @living_ananda
How did you get into clean beauty?

Since I was little I always had this passion for natural and healthy living, and I don’t remember what was what exactly that made me shift, but somewhere I must have read about toxic conventional ingredients were and from that moment on I started paying attention and just started doing my own research.

Let's talk favourites!

First of all, anything by Esteli, but mainly the Oro Rosa NOURISH Facial Oil*. It truly changed my skin. I used to have super oily skin with dry patches, and now it just looks glowing and healthy. It is a great oil to use with your guasha tool or facial roller. It is too good.(Use affiliate discount code LIVINGANANDA10 for 10% discount)

Next up, Madame Gabriela lipsticks*. My fave is Sydney at 8 am but lately I have been mixing it up with Paris at 7pm and I get the most perfect nudy red tone that looks beautiful. I always struggle with chapped lips and I usually have to use lip balm even if I am wearing lipstick, but not with this one. It just feels like a super creamy balm that has the perfect pigmentation. (Use affiliate discount code LUISAKISS for 10% off)

PYT Beauty Brow Pencil is just so easy to use- for so long I have struggled to find a product that wouldn’t make my brows look even okay, but this pencil is perfect!

W3ll People Expressionist Pro Mascara makes my lashes look natural and not clumpy. My lashes are on the longer side but are very thin, but this mascara doesn’t weigh them down and covers my lashes perfectly without overdoing it.

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar is honestly a God-sent. I love using it as a toner to help with enlarged pores and as a hair rinse in lieu of conditioner. My hair has never looked this shiny and soft since I switched to a vinegar rinse!

What is lacking in the clean beauty world? 

I would say inclusivity, not only talking about color of your skin but also textures. You always see people with flawless skin in campaigns, but what about somebody with a few pimples here and there? Some people are born with unproblematic skin but a lot of us have dealt with issues like these at some point and that is perfectly normal. I feel like I see a lot of brands slowly embracing different body types and even stretchmarks, so we are going in the right direction.

You can follow Luisa on Instagram @living_ananda and check out her blog at Living Ananda.

Natalie @precioustimeblog
How did you get into clean beauty? 

I am a total girly girl who have loved all things makeup and skincare since I was little. My switch to clean beauty started off prior to having kids. I bought the book The Honest Life by Jessica Alba when it first came out and was fascinated by learning about harmful ingredients that were sold in stores. I was shocked and went down this rabbit hole researching the foods we're consuming to the toxic ingredients being used in conventional skincare and makeup products- one thing led to another. I remember hearing about clean beauty before doing all this research and thinking, "These products can't be as good as MAC Cosmetics?"... a lot has changed in the decade since!

Let's talk favourites!

1. Crunchi Foundation and Primer*: I put them both down as one product because I feel like they go hand in hand and a must in my opinion. The primer leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft hiding those pores and making your foundation apply so smoothly. The foundation is the best medium to full coverage foundation in clean beauty hands-down. You need very little product to achieve flawless full-coverage skin. It's also made with pure clean ingredients such as mushroom extract, rosehip, and jojoba to provide antioxidants to promote soft and radiant skin, help with fine lines and protect against environmental stressors, and even skin tone. It's basically skincare and makeup in one bottle. 

2. Fitglow Eyeshadow Palettes. They make the best eye shadow palettes. In fact, I think Fitglow is one of my absolute favorite brands because everything I have tried is truly spectacular. Again, they are a brand that infuses makeup ingredients with amazing hydrating skincare ingredients. I have a ton of favorites and if you follow along on Instagram, you probably already know which ones they are. The eye shadow palettes* (I have all of them and they're so stunning), the Lip Serums* ( Buff and Regal are my go-to's) because they are EXTREMELY hydrating, and lastly...the Concealer*. This concealer is equivalent to the Tarte Shape concealer. It's full coverage and lasts all day without settling into fine lines. 

3. Kosas Cream Blush*: If you're looking for a pigmented blush that's creamy and amazing, Kosas is your brand. They have so many colors for all skin types and they come in cream or powder form.

4. Kosas 10 Second Shadow*: These beauties are AMAZING! Pigmented but dries fast leaving no creases on your eyelids. These are a dream and a great way to apply something quickly if you're in a rush. 

5. Aether Beauty Shadow Palettes*: I love and am obsessed with eye shadows. Aether Beauty has the best for highly pigmented colors but is great because you can dress it up for an evening look or dress it down for an everyday look. I own every palette if that says anything :)

6. Crunchi Mascara*: Finally! A clean mascara that lengthens, volumizing, adds thickness all without flaking, creasing, smudging, and is water-proof. Did I mention it's clean as well? YES! This will be the best mascara you will ever own.

7. Crunchi Highlighter*: I have had every one of my friends and family members wear this and ALL have purchased it immediately. Pigmented and so beautiful. It comes in two colors and I own and love both so much. Did I mention all of Crunchi's products are consciously packaged and eco-friendly? This brand is amazing.

What is lacking in the clean beauty world? 

I can officially say that I have found a clean product for everything. But if I had to pick one item I am still on the search for, it would be a clean beauty contour kit. I don't contour often but if I were going out or celebrating something special, a little contour wouldn't hurt. Looking for a cream stick or a whole palette with different shades to choose from.

You can follow Natalie on Instagram @precioustimeblog and check out her website Precious Time Blog.

Nathalia @everconscious.co
How did you get into clean beauty?

I have always being mindful of what I eat – more organic and clean foods, so it was a transition that made to sense to me, as what we put on our skin gets absorb into the bloodstream. However, it was not until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a few years ago that I made a full transition to only green beauty products. I educated myself on reading labels and learning the effects these ingredients have on our endocrine system.  I am not saying that conventional products were the culprit, but it certainly didn’t help. So, I did a complete overhaul of my personal care products and now is important to me to educate women on safer ingredients and products that work without putting our health at risk.

Let's talk favourites!

I am into products that have the least amount of ingredients and sustainable packaging but also deliver a glow!

For makeup, W3ll People Expressionist Pro Mascara is the one product I can’t leave my house without and this one delivers beautiful long lashes.

Antonym Cosmetics Quattro Eyeshahow in Croisette in a beautiful bamboo case has perfect shades for us POC girls.

Hynt Beauty DUET perfecting concealer is an incredible price point and comes in a glass container -I use medium tan.

I am a big fan of Kjaer Weis with their chic refillable cases. Their Cream Blush in shade Precious is super versatile for lips, eyes and blush.

Cupid and Psyche Beauty lipsticks comes in a cute paper tube- the shade Laetitia is perfect for all seasons!

For the body, I love Organic Bath Co's PeaceFull Organic Body Butter, Lhamour Hand Butter in a reusable tin container, and the holy grail of deodorants Blissoma Lavender Natural Dedorant Aromatic Spray that comes in a reusable aluminum spray bottle.

What is lacking in the clean beauty world? 

The industry is overlooking the fact that POCs come in different shades, and dark or yellow skins are underrepresented when it comes to foundations or concealers.  Finding a good mineral sunblock that didn’t leave a white cast was an issue, but now there are a few that perform well like Countersun by Beautycounter.

You can follow Nathalia on Instagram @everconscious.co.

Nini @_nini_lopez
How did you get into clean beauty?

Clean beauty first came on my radar in 2004 when I decided to go vegan. Back then it was not trendy or mainstream at all and there were very few places to buy products and far less brands to choose from. I had been mostly focused on cruelty-free, but when I started preparing to get pregnant around 2013 was when I really started learning about ingredients in beauty. After my first baby was born, I kept learning and became deeper involved in learning by finding accounts on YouTube and reading more about industry standards. Since then it’s been a progression into doing my best to detoxify our life in general (food, home, etc.), but for me it started with beauty.

Let's talk favourites!

Au Naturale All-Glowing Creme Highlighter in The OG: As a busy mom, most days I don’t use a ton of makeup products, but I love a solid highlighter. This one is creamy and perfect on my medium tan complexion. I’ve tried a ton of highlighters and this one is hands down my favorite. The brand is also one of the cleanest out there.

Plume Brow Pomade: I use this product every single day. Plume started out with their lash growing serum and I was so excited when they came out with this because it’s cleaner than the product I was using and it’s supposed to help with growth. I was an overplucker in my younger days, and this helps with growth and works great overall!

Gressa skin Lip Boost: I’m a huge fan of these because they can be used on the lips and cheeks. Over the years i have really tried to minimize my consumption as a consumer and this is a great multi-use product.

Axiology Lipstick: Aside from being WOC-owned and having the most aesthetically gorgeous packaging, Axiology lipsticks are creamy, comfortable to wear and comes in amazingly beautiful shades. Even though it’s summer I’m living in Elusive right now.

Vapour Luminous Foundation: I’ve been a Vapour fan from the beginning and love that I can apply their foundation with my hands! Their ingredients are stellar and their formula works really great for mature skin. My skin still looks like my skin but better because it blurs redness and blemishes but doesn’t feel or look heavy.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator: The scent alone is gorgeous and has a magically grounding ability. Josh is very intentional about sourcing high quality ingredients in all his products and this toner is no different. It’s my go-o when my skin is feeling especially dry and it also works beautifully to give a dewy look on top of makeup.

Bushel & A Peck Sae Organic Toner: Founder Aimee creates her products by hand in small batches with non-GMO and organic ingredients. I love using it after cleansing right before using serums/oils and then after.

Heart of Gold Sea Change Cleansing Balm: I love cleansing with oils but sometimes find them hard to rinse of with just water, but this one rinses off so easily. It takes off all makeup and leaves behind ultra hydrated and soft skin.

Mother Dirt Skincare: We’ve  been using use the shampoo, wash and AO+mist for years now and love their products. Their products are created to be biome skin friendly & maintain harmony in the skin biome, essentially nurturing the good bacteria that lives on our skin.

Evolvh SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner: I have thick, long, wavy hair and love how easily this helps detangle my hair after getting out of the shower. It smells great and helps lock in moisture!

What is lacking in the clean beauty world? 

As far as products go, I still haven’t found a sunscreen that doesn’t leave behind a white cast on my skin. I also feel that many brands fail to make appropriate undertones for women of color. It’s not just about having a wide variety of shades, but also various undertones. Lastly, I’d love for brands to be more inclusive. I should be able to scroll through their feed and see women of all shades, shapes, ages but sadly, I don’t. 

You can follow Nini on Instagram @_nini_lopez.

Perla @mrs.gharbi1
How did you get into clean beauty?

I actually decided to switch because of my autoimmune problems. My skin is very sensitive and prone to eczema. Another reason is because there were not a lot of WOC or Muslims in the clean beauty scene.

Let's talk favourites!

Here are my favorites:
Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation is dewy and their Multi-Stick is very natural on the skin.
Ere Perez Vanilla Highlighter is easy to apply and makes my skin glow .
Prisma Pallete Eye Shadow  is the MAC of non-toxic beauty and offers over 180 colors to pick from!
Kosas Super Creamy + Creamer Concealer is illuminating.
Fitglow Vegan Good Lash+ Mascara is good for sensitive eyes and I love their Lip Serum too.
Axiology Lip-to-Lid Balmie is eco-friendly and can be used on multiple areas.
Flower & Bee Synergy Lip Nectar is incredibly moisturizing.
Yulip, Saint Jane Beauty and Tower 28 all offer beautiful lip products.

What is lacking in the clean beauty world? 

I haven’t found the perfect foundation that matches my skin tone because it’s either too cool or pink. There was a study that showed that in cosmetics, dollar sales fell 1.2 percent year-over-year among non-Hispanics shoppers, but rose 7.4 percent among Hispanics; for hair care accessories, sales dropped 3.6 percent among non-Hispanic shoppers, but gained 3 percent among Hispanic consumers. My question, is why are we not being acknowledged?

You can follow Perla on Instagram @mrs.gharbi1.

"When everyone is included, everyone wins."
- Jesse Jackson

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