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15 Children's Subscription Boxes Worth Your Time And Money

[Credit: Little Passports]
Between work, after-school activities, playdates, errands and chores, busy parents don't always have time to plan engaging activities to do together with their kids. 

That's when subscription boxes come in handy. With a myriad of options for all ages and interests, parents can now choose a subscription box to keep their kids meaningfully occupied and curtail boredom and restlessness. And who doesn't like receiving a surprise in the mail every month- it is a gift that keeps giving!

I did a little homework and shortlisted 15 boxes that are well worth your time and money- there is something for everyone in the list:

1. Bitsbox: Teaching children to code (6 - 12 years)

What you pay: $16.95 for a digital subscription, $24.95 for the basic box and $37.95 for the deluxe
What you get: A binder to store your projects, coding supercards, a guide for grown-ups, stickers and charts and access to website

Learning to code is just like learning a new language, and Bitsbox believes that your child can start once they can read and write. Using simple commands to create cool apps that work, each box introduces a new computer science project and no prior coding experience is needed!
2. Bookroo: Stimulating their love for reading (birth - 10 years)

What you pay: $16.95 - $19.95 per box and additional $5 per box for shipping
What you get: 2-3 individually wrapped books

Bookroo's mission is to enable and empower parents to build their children's book collections in an affordable and exciting way through curated monthly book deliveries- the selection comes through a process that involves the input of young families in Stanford University.

3. eat2explore: Raising a foodie (5 years and up)

What you pay: $21.00 - $24.95 per box and additional $5 per box for shipping
What you get: Non-perishable spice/sauce mixes, recipe cards, shopping list, educational material, activity sheets and collectibles

The magic of eat2explore is the wonderful family memories that you are unlocking, and although home economics is no longer part of the school curriculum, eat2explore allows for hands-on cooking opportunities while exposing your child to different cultures and expanding their palates.

4. Girls Can!: Empowering the next generation of girls (5 - 10 years)

What you pay: $25.95 - $29.95 per month 
What you get: 20-page activity book focused on a fearless female role model, 2-3 hands on science, engineering and art activities related to her field, a collectible button, tips and strategies for parents and more

Girls Can!, as the name suggests, is created to show girls that they can be and do anything, through introducing them to a different role model each month. 10 percent of proceeds go to local nonprofits that help girls succeed.

5. Green Kid Crafts: Inspiring creative leaders for tomorrow (2 - 10+ years)

What you pay: $17.95 - $19.95 per month 
What you get: 4-8 science,  technology, engineering, art and math activities with quality USA-made eco-friendly materials, achievement badges and a 12-page magazine with hands-on resources, parent resources, puzzles and more

Green Kid Crafts is created by a working mom and environmental scientist whose personal experiences taught her how important it is for children to exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery, and learn about the world around them. Their award-winning boxes are reviewed by their panel of child development experts and tested by kids to ensure that each project is engaging, unique, fun, and universally appealing.

6. KidArtLit: Fostering a culture of reading and making (3 - 8 years)

What you pay: $14.95 for a digital subscription, $29.95 - $35.95 for Spark and $45.95 - $51.95 for Deluxe
What you get:  A hardback picture book, supplies for two people to complete related, open-ended art projects, and illustrated guides with step-by-step instructions and expert tips for success

KidArtLit knows that a good story can be powerfully transformative and that process-based art experiences are the best way for children to develop problem-solving skills, confidence, and perseverance. Each KidArtLit delivery is packaged by CSS, a nonprofit providing employment & job training for adults with developmental disabilities.

7. Kidstir:  Bringing up confident and capable kids (5-10 years)

What you pay: $12.95 - $15.95 per month 
What you get:  Three special recipes covering all food groups, two kid-sized cooking tools and themed activities, a digital and printed shopping list, 3 fun games and puzzles and e-newsletter with more recipes and printables

Kidstir’s Happy Cooking Kits have one very important mission: to help parents raise children who have a healthy and happy connection to food, and help them develop key kitchen skills and cook up plenty of family memories. They are also dedicated to supporting schools nationwide and continue to donate boxes for auctions, fairs and fundraising efforts each year.

8. Kiwicrate: Cultivating lifelong learners (0 - 16+ years)

What you pay: $16.95 - $19.95 per month
What you get:  An age-appropriate project to explore art, science and engineering along with high-quality materials and kid-friendly instructions, a board book (for the tadpole crate), a magazine with extension activities, expert advice and tips etc and online resources

With over 1,000 hours invested in designing and testing every single crate by their team of in house experts, KiwiCrate aims to make STEAM accessible, engaging and fun. Their goal is to inspire kids to see themselves as scientists, artists and makers.

9. Lillypost: Bonding over books (0 - 7 years)

What you pay: $15.95 - $19.95 per month
What you get:  4 board books or 3 picture books or a mixture of both, along with a note and stickers

Lillypost was founded on the belief that reading time is important for your child’s development and bonding and every box is chosen by passionate parents, aunts and uncles alike. For every box they ship, Lillypost partners with reputable literacy charities and donates a book to a child in need.

10. Literati: Making reading an adventure (0 - 9+ years)

What you pay: $9.95 monthly club membership, and the Amazon list prices of the books you decide to keep (and the rest can be returned in a pre-paid package)
What you get: 5 age-appropriate books, 6 personalized book plates, original art by famous illustrator, personalized note and a themed surprise

Literati is a book club for kids, and they deliver five age-appropriate sourced from authors around the world and curated around a specific theme (i.e. adventure, science and history). Members are also encouraged to clean out their child's library and mail books in to be donated to shelters, foster care and under-served youth organizations.

11. Little Passports: Exploring the world together (3 - 9 + years)

What you pay: $14.95 - $18.95 per month
What you get: A suitcase, passport and wall map in your introductory box, fun toys and souvenirs for each country, collectible Country Coins, letters from pen pals Sam and Sofia, activity sheets and photos, stickers and access to online extras

Founded by two moms with a passion for global citizenship, Little Passports provides kids with the opportunities to learn about geography and the world beyond their backyardThe fast-growing company has since shipped over a million kits and expanded internationally to Canada, UK and Australia.

12. Lovevery Playkits: Preparing your baby for every stage (0 - 12 months)

What you pay: $80 per 2-month Play Kit
What you get: A set of ethically-made stage-based play products that varies with each kit

Lovevery's goal is to instill confidence in every parent, and their play products are designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage. Oh, and all their products are from sustainably forested wood, baby-safe plastics and organic cotton.

13. Raddish Kids: Instilling the love of learning and good food (4 - 14+ years)

What you pay: $20-24 per month
What you get: 3 recipe guides, 3 culinary skill lessons, a quality kitchen tool, creative kitchen project, complete grocery list and monthly collectibles

Raddish is a cooking club and curriculum seeking to deliver culinary experiences that nurture kids’ confidence in the kitchen and beyond. They believe in the power of food to bring families together, to build communities, to expand conversation, and to strengthen relationships.

14. Sensory Theraplay Box: Encouraging therapeutic play (5 - 9 years)

What you pay: $36.95 - $39.95 per month
What you get: 5-7 sensory toys and items

Geared towards children with autism/sensory needs, Sensory Theraplay is curated by an pediatric occupational therapist  to provide families with the tools they need to engage their child in fun sensory play while promoting the development of important sensory motor skills. However, many items are appropriate for children of all ages since sensory items can benefit everyone!

15. Wonder Crate: Guiding kids on a journey of self-discovery (7 - 11 years)
What you pay: $23.96 - $29.95 per months
What you get: A metal carrying case in your introductory box, a new Who Was book each month introducing inspirational role models, stories of their peers making a difference, hands-on activities, collectible cards and magnets

Wonder Crate seeks to guide kids on a self-discovery journey and uncover the inner skills needed to pursue their passion and make a difference in the world. For every box sold, $1 is donated to Read Indeed, a non-profit started by an 8 year-old to distribute books to kids in need.

Is there a subscription box that your child loves that did not make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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