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An Eco Chic Valentine's Gift Guide
For Men

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My dear friend Yenny certainly lives up to her namesake Eco Chic Beauty, with an immaculate taste in all things green and sustainable. She's also one of the most thoughtful and generous person I know (she's pretty much the expert on gifting) and I am excited to be collaborating with her to give you an Eco Chic Valentine's Gift Guide for Men. I promise there'd be something for even the most hard-to-please person in your life on the list (and everything is under $70!).

My picks:
1. LSTN Ebony Wood Bowerys Wire Earbuds ($49.00)

Perfect for his gym sessions or listening to his daily podcast on his work commute, these trendy earbuds offer high quality audio at an affordable price. It features genuine wood housing, an in-line mic and a tangle-free nylon cable. Your purchase will go towards providing hearing aids to people in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

2. EcoSurvivor Durable Battery Pack ($49.99)

If he loves the outdoors, he will appreciate this impact, dust and water resistant portable battery with a standard USB port that can extend the life of his devices when an outlet is not available. There is also a built-in flashlight to help him navigate in the dark. The company donates half of its proceeds to Water4, a charity committed to providing at-risk, indigenous people access to clean water.

3. Nice Laundry Personal Edition Socks ($45.00)

Regular socks can be boring and predictable, but this set of monogrammed textured argyle socks will elevate his grooming game. Produced right outside of NYC, each monogram has over 2,000 stitches and is as fancy as they come. Every order is eligible for a recycling shipping label so that old socks (and undies) can be responsibly recycled by partner 2Rewear. 

4. Ten Thousand Villages Craft Cocktail Bar Tools Set ($69.99)

Whether he is a cocktail connoisseur or budding mixologist, this ethically sourced set of bar tools is essential for his kitchen. It is handcrafted from shesham wood and stainless steel by traditional metal and wood artisans in India who are paid fair wages for their skills.

5. Swell Investing (Starts at $50)

Instead of a physical gift, how about opening him an account for worthy investments in sustainable portfolios like renewable energy, green technology and disease eradication? Swell Investing is a simple online platform backed by Pacific Life that allows you to put your money where your heart is, and all dividends are automatically reinvested so your investments keep growing over time.

Yenny's picks:

Men deserve good haircare, too! This shampoo and conditioner duo is loaded with tons of wonderful hair-strengthening ingredients like Hydrolyzed Baobab, Eclipta Alba, Calendula, Amla Oil Extract, Panthenol B-5, Panax Ginseng, and Tumuca. Your man's hair will be so luscious that it'll be hard to resist running your fingers through his hair! The minimalist packaging is super chic, yet unassuming, and will look great in any man's shower.

This aromatherapy "Blend Bar" takes wellness to the next level. The Blend Bar features four beautiful supportive blends that will elevate your love's mood from day till night. Wake up with a boost of Energy, keep cool during the day with Peppermint Halo and Stress Release, and drift off to a peaceful slumber with Sleep Well. The oil blend set comes with a convenient stylish wood bottle stand made from sustainable white oak.

Tired of your man stealing your skincare? Then why not get him his own! Your man will love this edgy men's skincare kit. The Rebels Kit contains all the essentials: the Advanced Clear Skin Facial Cleanser, Advanced Clear Skin Facial Scrub, Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer, and Rehab (Eye) Roller. He'll look and feel like a star without having to break the bank.

This gorgeous multi-purpose oil is the only oil your guy will need from head to toe. It contains a special blend of cold-pressed plant oils (Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba and Castor Oil) that will make your man's hair and skin so soft and silky-smooth. Palo Santo, Lavender, Geranium and Clary Sage makes the Oil ultra-balancing and gives it its earthy, grounding scent.

If he's a chocoholic that loves working out, this biofermented brown rice protein powder is cleverly disguised as a delicious chocolate drink! It's filled with adaptogenic superherbs like Maca, Cacao, Shatavari, and Ashwagandha for super [wellness] benefits. The ketogenic protein powder helps to restore and sustain energy, control stress-related weight gain, and help enhance feelings of emotional wellbeing. It can be mixed in smoothies, milk, matcha, coffee, water, baked goods and anything his heart (and stomach) desires.

Prefer to DIY? Try this tutorial for a Valentine's Coupon Book. You may also want to check out here, here and here for printable Valentine's gift tags and here and here for Valentine's cards. 

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