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8 Ethical Jewelry Brands In Singapore You Need To Know

[Credit: Yard Yarn]
These 8 ethical jewelry brands in Singapore are dedicated to the who, where, what and how their products are made, setting an example to the industry on how fashion can be done right while encouraging consumers to shop more meaningfully.
From intricate beaded pieces to bold, quirky handwired designs, these brands want you to know that it is possible to look pretty with a purpose, with every piece telling its own story.

1. Artisan & Fox 

Artisan & Fox is a curated marketplace based in Singapore, collaborating with independent artisans, small artisan groups, non-profits and local social enterprises in developing regions like Afghanistan, Guatemala and Nepal to help them develop their craft and access international markets. The eye-catching designs are a fusion of traditional techniques with contemporary style, inspired by the cultural landscape and using locally source materials. Artisans are guaranteed half the gross profits and in some cases they are given micro loans with raw materials paid in advance.

Editor's Pick: JUN Moonstone Ring (US$95.00)

Shop: Artisan & Fox | Instagram: @artisanandfox 

2. Covenant Jewellery

Covenant Jewellery creates jewelry with meaning and purpose for both the maker and wearer, their ethos being reinvented modern, minimal classics that elevates traditional craftsmanship. All their products are handcrafted by a team of artisans in their Cambodian studio, where they are provided fair wages, healthcare and a positive work environment. Covenant celebrates the covenant love between the Creator and all created things and believes that their products can create a ripple effect of good in the world.

Editor's Pick: Constellation Little Dipper Necklace (S$320.00)

Shop: Covenant Jewellery | Instagram: @covenantjewellery 

3. EDEN + ELIE *

EDEN + ELIE is built on the conviction that life can be richer when we are meaningfully connected to our work and lives. Designed and made in Singapore, their exquisite pieces are functional and wearable with a modern aesthetic, featuring delica seed beads sourced from Japan and lead-free metal components from the US. They train and hire individuals with autism from the Autism Resource Center to become bead-weaving artisans, in a workspace specially designed to support their unique needs. 

Shop: EDEN + ELIE | Instagram: @edenandelie 

4. Hadasity

Hadasity is a divinely-inspired line of hand-wired jewellery made by sisters Hadassah and Talitha Lau, who bring together vintage brooches, semi-precious stones, beads and baubles-Hadassah's creations tend to the bold and quirky while Talitha's are more subdued and elegant. They also make customized pieces and carry out workshops to take you through their creative process to guide you to create your own unique design. 10% of their revenue goes to the Rural Orphans, Widows and AIDS Network (ROWAN) in support of women and children.

Editor's Pick: Statement Cuffs (S$58.00 - S$168.00)

Shop: Hadasity | Instagram: @hadasity 


PYAR, which means "beloved" in Sanskrit,  is a fine jewelry collection designed by Singaporean designer Nazneed Aziz Samson. Her signature LOVE collection features moving parts that make up the shape of a heart as an embodiment of love that evolves and grows over time. She works closely with craftsmen in Bali and Pakistan while adhering to ethical practices and all her designs are crafted in 925 sterling silver with 18K gold or rose gold plating.

Editor's Pick: LOVE - Signature Heart Ring (S$165.00)

Shop: PYAR | Instagram: @pyarislove 

6. Twin Within *

Twin Within is an Icelandic jewelry design brand operated from Singapore. They approach jewelry making from a non-traditional perspective, using unconventional materials like rope, rubber tubes and brass tubes to create distinctive statement pieces. Through fair-trade peace organization FOLOCARE in the Philppines, their necklaces are proudly hand-crafted by single mothers who are able to support their family through this stable work opportunity. 

Editor's Pick: ROME (US$141.00)

Shop: Twin Within | Instagram: @twinwithin 

7. Woon Hung

Woon Hung is a fun, vibrant jewelry line built on the pillars of Renewability, Sustainability, Cottage Industries and Traditional Craft. Their creations emphasize the choice and treatment of renewable materials as well as the sustainability of livelihoods for the artisans and their families in Cebu, Phillippines. Each piece of every collection goes through multiple hands and countless hours, using traditional skills of cottage industries that have been passed on for generations, and their commitment to zero waste has created a material-first approach in their design.

Editor's Pick: Semi Series (S$63.00 - S$98.00)

Shop: Woon Hung | Instagram: @woonhung 

8. Yard Yarn *

Yard Yarn is the epitome of industrial chic (with a twist of feminism), designed and handmade in Singapore by local designer Gin Tan. With a clever and creative combination of stainless steel, rhodium and plated hardware components that marries form with function, the fashion-forward pieces are surprisingly lightweight and interchangeable with detachable straps and chains, allowing for multiple iterations of every design.

Editor's Pick: POPPY Smocked Necklace - Cobalt (S$48.00)

Shop: Yard Yarn | Instagram: @yard_yarn 

P/S: Brands marked with * offer free worldwide shipping!

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