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The Beauty Of Less With Ayuna

Before the baby, I would often spend up to an hour each night on my skincare routine, working my way through a lineup of half a dozen products. I have since come to realize what a luxury that time to myself was, my days since replaced by round-the-clock nursing, diaper changes and antics to keep my baby happy and healthy.
I began to strive for simplicity in my self-care routine out of sheer necessity but knew that I did not want to skimp on results, so I had to find a way to streamline my beauty routine to fit my new lifestyle.

I first learnt of Ayuna after their launch in Indie Beauty Expo LA earlier this year- my curiosity immediately piqued by their minimal mindset and "well-aging" rhetoricTheir approach is to feed the skin what it needs to stay balanced while stimulating its ability to self-repair and regenerate, thanks to their patented green technology paired with the most stringent formulation criteria. 
Standing behind the brand are industry veterans Begoña Sanjuan and Isabel Ramos, with over four decades of combined experience and expertise that they have distilled into Ayuna with five solid product offerings, upholding their 'less is beauty' ethos.

[Credit: Ayuna]

Sophistication does come with a pretty price tag though, and with prices ranging from $38 for their Nourishing Artisan Soap to $400 for the Complete Awakening Program, this definitely falls within the luxury category However, you get what you pay for, and when you consider that these products will replace your entire beauty cabinet and last you a good while, it will help you get over the sticker shock. 

I was gifted the travel sizes of their BalmEssence and Cream II, and I was impressed with how each of these multi-taskers performed for me, especially given that I had committed to using just these products (along with the gentle Wonderland Organics Restore Cleanser) for two weeks postpartum.

From L-R: Balm Volcanic Revitalizing Mask* ($130 for 2.7 oz), Essence High Protein Cream-in-Oil Peel($145 for 2.6 7 oz) and Cream II Natural Rejuvenating Treatment* ($198 for 1.5 oz) 
Let's start with Balm, a detox mask that is rich in volcanic glass and active carbon. It has a beautiful silky, creamy texture that makes it apply, and it works hard to firm and tighten while drawing out the impurities and leave your skin squeaky clean without ever drying it out. Although this was designed to be a full face mask, I only use it to spot treat the areas around my eyes snd nose. The rich black color makes this a little trickier to wash off, so I recommended you apply this before you jump into the shower.
Next comes Essence, a revolutionary waterless and grain-free exfoliant, which headlined Beauty Heroes' November Discovery Box. Unlike physical exfoliants which can be harsh and damaging for your face, this unique "cream-in-oil" peel contains alpha-amino acids that gently dissolve the upper layers of skin to trigger repair and rejuvenate your appearance. All I have to do is apply a layer over my face and neck and let it work its magic for 5-10 minutes and gently roll the product off, leaving behind a light layer of oil and soft, glowing skin. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, I would use this just 1-2 times a week to renew your complexion.
Finally the Cream II, which is the richer of Ayuna's two face creams that I had chosen in anticipation of the coming cold season. The product allows me to skip multiple skincare steps to just 'cleanse and cream', and it addresses a variety of skin concerns like elasticity, texture, tone and moisture level. I love how it melts onto my skin snd leaves a light protective film that doesn't feel heavy or greasy. Two weeks of day and night use left me a radiant glow that betrayed my lack of sleep and exhaustion from the demands of a newborn, and I wasn't self-conscious about being bare-faced most of the time.
I know I'll be sad when I hit the bottom of these products, but I do also have a dozen other skincare brands I need to review for you all in the coming weeks, so please be patient with me!
For a limited time only, AYUNA is offering a holiday set that includes travel sizes of the Balm, Essence and Cream II along with a full-sized Soap for just $75 (retail value of $150). Click here to purchase your set before they sell out!
* The products in this post were kindly provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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