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A Year Of Ethical Fashion: Issue 8

A Year Of Ethical Fashion is an ongoing series of monthly round-up posts where I share my ethical fashion finds as I work towards a more conscious wardrobe in 2017.
Issue 8 features Symbology, Thought Clothing, GAIA and Tonlé.
"A fresh generation are marching for revolution and they want to wear clothes that tell a story. Let's give it to them." - Naomi Klein

Week 29: Symbology
Established with the goal to make fair trade sexy, Symbology employs female artisans from India and the West Bank to fuse traditional art forms like Indian block printing and Palestinian weaving with modern designs to create inspired, one-of-a-kind pieces. They believe in providing sustained work opportunities and involvements in the design process and that ethical fashion should one day be the norm rather than the exception.

You can connect with Symbology oFacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Week 30: Thought Clothing

Formerly Braintree Clothing, Thought Clothing started as a capsule collection of sustainable men's clothing over two decades ago and has since expanded to unisex offerings of easy-to-wear and made-to-last clothes that use natural fabrics like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. What's more, they make each piece of their collection from first to final stitch in the same country to minimize their environmental footprint. Thought is living proof that contemporary fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.

You can connect with Thought Clothing oFacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Week 31: GAIA
GAIA for women is a line of fashion and home accessories handmade by a diverse group of refugee women resettled in Dallas using vintage, artisan-made, & sustainable materials, with the mission to empower through dignified employment, encouragement and dedication to their long-term success in local communities. The name Gaia means "Goddess of the Earth" and was chosen as a way to honor all the women, from the ones who craft the products to those who purchase or receive them. 
P/S: Every item includes a hangtag signed by the artisan who made it, along with the story behind the brand.
You can connect with GAIA on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Week 32: Tonlé
Tonlé wants to challenge you to view fashion differently, using 90% factory scrap waste from mass clothing manufacturers and 10% local and sustainable materials to create innovative #zerowaste (yes, you read that right!) clothing and accessories handmade and signed by Cambodian makers. Creativity is key, as size, color, texture, and material continually vary, and the designers work closely with the production team to ensure that even the tiniest scraps are included in their collection. Because every thread matters.

You can connect with Tonlé on Facebook, InstagramPinterest and Twitter.

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