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Travelogue: Grounds For Sculpture Is Highbrow Kitsch Meets Creative Genius

"Daydream" by Seaward Johnson
A sprawling landscaped 42-acre park and museum in Hamilton, New Jersey, Grounds for Sculpture was founded by artist and philanthropist John Seward Johnson II in 1992 to promote an understanding and appreciation of contemporary sculpture for people from all walks of life.

The collection includes over 270 works from established masters and emerging artists, offering an immersive, self-directed experience accompanied by the joy of discovery. 

It took us about 2 hours on the subway, NJ transit and then a LYFT ride to get there from our apartment in the city, but the comfortable late summer weather and immaculately-maintained grounds made it well-worth the trip. We spent 3 hours wandering the park and still didn't quite get to cover everything we wanted to, but we were constrained by my heavily pregnant self and the return train time. I guess we'll just have to plan another visit en route to Philadelphia next time!
If you are a fan of Impressionist art in particular, Seward's Beyond The Frame series straddles the fine line between highbrow kitsch and creative genius and offers you the opportunity to step into the frame and become part of the painting. 
“I want my work to disappear into the landscape and then take a viewer by surprise. After he gets over the shock of being fooled, it becomes an emotional discovery. Then he owns the sculpture. People often revisit their favorites. They become like friends." Seward Johnson

"A Turn of the Century" by Seward Johnson
"Dorion" by Bruce Beasley
"Inua" by Helena Lukasova
"Family Secret" by Seward Johnson
"Between Appointments" by Seward Johnson
"Contact" by Seward Johnson
"If It Were Time" by Seward Johnson 
"Birth of the Messenger" by Viktor
"The Chamber of Internal Dialogue" by Seward Johnson
"Teatro XI" by Herk Van Tongeren
"Eye of the Beholder" by Seward Johnson
"Untitled" by Kiki Smith
"God Bless America" by Seward Johnson
"The Power of Suggestion" by Seward Johnson
"The Awakening" by Seward Johnson
"Crossing Paths" by Seward Johnson
"King Lear I" by Seward Johnson
Grounds for Sculpture is located at 80 Sculptors Way, Hamilton, NJ. Timed tickets are required to visit- you can get information on the opening hours and directions here and see the full list of the artwork on view here.

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