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Six Time-Tested Ayurvedic Tips From Sahajan Founder Lisa Mattam

[Credit: Sahajan]
Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word that translates to "the science of life", is a traditional healing modality from India that is said to be over 5,000 years old. Its basic principle of well-being is reaching a state of balance in body, mind and spirit, meaning that our habits, routines and diet should be regularly adjusted to be in harmony with the cycles of nature. 
For founder Lisa Mattam, a proverbial lightbulb went off the day she came home to discover her young daughter slathered in her face cream laden with toxic ingredients. She realized that she needed to return to her Ayurvedic roots to create a natural, plant-based skincare line with efficacious formulas that would not only work for all skincare types but be free from the problematic ingredients in so many beauty products. She decided to named her skincare line Sahajan, a Hindi word which means "intuitive", as a nod to the brand philosophy of following your intuition to clean beauty.

Her background as a pharmaceutical executive mandates a rigorous scientific approach to the formulation process, partnering with Ayurvedic doctors in her hometown in Kerala, India and investing in clinical trials and working with external regulators to ensure that all their claims are backed by science. This thorough, evidence-based approach certainly makes Sahajan stand out from a lot of the brands you see in the green beauty world. 
I had the chance to try out a couple of products from Sahajan recently and reached out to Lisa for some Ayurvedic tips as we are in the throes of summer, and she shared with me six time-tested ways to beat the heat and keep my pitta in balance:
1. Aloe vera has healing and anti-inflammatory properties and provides a protective layer to the skin to increase cellular hydration. Lisa recommends applying freshly sliced aloe vera directly to sunburned skin, and it can also be found in Sahajan's Protection Face Serum and Nourish Face CreamCucumber is another cooling ingredient that can tone, refresh and soothe, and Lisa suggests making a hydrating mist of cucumber and water, adding rosewater and aloe vera if you want to be a little fancy! 
2. Honey can also greatly improve skin appearance thanks to its anti-bacterial and nourishing qualities, and you can find it in Sahakan's Restorative Eye Cream that will deeply hydrate your skin and prevent aging from dehydration and sun exposure.
3. Avoid yoga forms that can cause profuse sweating, and it would benefit you to schedule yoga sessions during cooler times of the day like at dawn or dusk.
4. Focus on relaxing poses that can help to release excess heat from the body, including those that compress the solar plexus or open up the chest, especially the pigeon, camel, bow, fish and low variations of camel and bridge poses. Try the shoulder stand for a soothing inversion and for standing poses, the best ones are the hip openers like the tree, warrior and half-moon poses.
5. Time to ditch heavy, oily foods that gives you a sluggish feeling along with oily skin and clogged pores, and choose plant foods that include raw vegetables, grains and tropical fruits. Summer is the ideal time for raw foods and salads as they cool the body and increase overall hydration levels.

6. Incorporate pitta-reducing foods like cucumbers, mint, cilantro and coriander, blueberries, grapes, melons, coconut and green leafy vegetables into your menu. Feel free to tweak your recipes like making salsa more soothing by adding extra cilantro or diced mango or including shredded coconut in your grains or cereals.
P/S: You may like to check out The Hermes Hippie's review of the Protective Serum here, or Eco Chic Beauty's review of the Protective Serum and the Nourish Face Cream here!
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me Lisa! You can purchase Sahajan products directly from their website or from Credo Beauty.
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