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A Year of Ethical Fashion: Issue 4

A Year Of Ethical Fashion is an ongoing series of monthly round-up posts where I share my ethical fashion finds as I work towards a more conscious wardrobe in 2017.
Issue 4 features Cambio Market, Nisolo, Bloom & Give and Zuri.
"If you pay a little more, we can live a little better." - Shakti Akbar

Week 13: Cambio Market
Cambio Market wants to revolutionize how business is done by putting people and the planet first, curating a collection of thoughtful, responsible goods that empower artisans around the world. Co-Founders, Jerome and Gelaine had started ChooseSocial.PH in 2014, an online directory to raise awareness of ethical businesses in Gelaine's home country of Philippines, which eventually led them to quit their day jobs to start an ecommerce platform that has since expanded to partners in Guatemala, India, Kenya and Uganda. It's the perfect one-stop shop for your gifting needs!

You can connect with Cambio Market on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Week 14: Nisolo
Nisolo's vision is to push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction, with intentional designs from responsibly sourced materials and ethical treatment of animals and a direct-to-consumer model that allows fair wages and benefits to the maker and wallet-friendly prices for the consumer. They offer a wide range of contemporary designs for both women and men and recently launched a gorgeous bag collection made from natural vachetta leather. 

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You can connect with Nisolo on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Week 15: Bloom & Give
Bloom & Give hopes to showcase the incredible artistry and potential of India through marrying traditional techniques with contemporary designs for everyday life. They partner with small co-ops that share the same commitment to quality, excellence and fair wages for the artisans. The founders firmly believe that education is a fundamental right for every girl and donate half of all profits to support girls' education programs in India.

You can connect with Bloom & Give on Facebook, InstagramPinterest and Twitter.

Week 16: Zuri

In Swahili mzuri means good, which embodies the ethos of the brand. A unique Kenyan line started by American designers with a single tunic-style silhouette that is both culturally appropriate and universally flattering, Zuri features bold and bright traditional prints sourced from the continent of Africa and is based on a business ecosystem that is focused on fair and equal practices and growing sustainable economies.

P/S: Most print have limited runs of a few weeks, so once they're sold out that's it!

You can connect with Zuri on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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