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My Top Green Picks From The New York Baby Show

[Credit: Adele Enersen
Last weekend Andrew and I braved the crowds and attended the New York Baby Show along with thousands of expectant and new parents and over 200 global brands and services in attendance. 

We'd never seen so many bumps and babies in one place before, and as newbies it was certainly an overwhelming and exhausting experience. However, we did learn a few things and discovered some great products , so all-in-all it was well worth our three hours. Read on for my favourite finds from the show!

Mochi (the Japanese word for rice cake) is a technology that mixes 51% rice harvested from Japan with a unique blend of ingredients to create a 100% safe and sustainable Mochi rice-plastic. There are no toxic paints or adhesives in the products, giving you peace of mind knowing that what your baby put in their mouth is 100% green and safe. When you open the packaging, you can actually smell the aromatic notes of fresh rice grains! 

Prices range from $14.99 for a teething plate to $119.99 for a 28-piece premium set, and you can purchase directly from their website or on Amazon

2. Montikids
Montikids is a birth-to-three program based on Montessori methods, with quarterly home-deliveries of educational toys tailored to the child's stage of development and access to online videos and articles to guide you through the curriculum. All the toys undergo rigorous testing with leading third-party safety labs and have passed all US safety testing. When your child outgrows the toys, you can donate them to underserved children in low-income communities through their Giving Program

Membership costs $99/month billed and delivered every three months, with the option of cancelling anytime. 

3. Bambo Nature
Bambo Nature's eco-friendly disposable diapers are sustainably manufactured and free of harmful chemicals and all known allergens, with a unique three-layer design and super absorbent core and a fully breathable backsheet to ensure that your baby's sensitive skin will stay dry and comfortable. They include a wetness indicator that changes color when a change is needed and flexible side panels for a snug but comfortable fit. You may also like to check out their newly launched affordable skincare line.

Prices range from $12.50 to $15.50 for their diapers and $4.25 to $12.95 for their skincare, and you can purchase directly from their website or on Amazon and Thrive (yay!).

4. Goumi Kids

Based in Portland, Goumi Kids is a stylish and thoughtfully designed line of babywear made from a machine-washable blend of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton that is breathable, naturally antimicrobial and environmentally sustainable. Since inception, they have given 10% of their profits to some of the most vulnerable global communities.

Prices range from $12.00 for a pair of mitts to $49.00 for a newborn bundle, and you can purchase directly from their website or on Amazon.

5. Attipas Shoes
Originally from Australia, Attipas Shoes are lightweight, ergonomic shoes with the most adorable designs for babies and toddlers. Backed by 7 years of research and development, they are made with non-toxic materials and adhesives and feature non-slip and breathable soles that promise to be so comfortable your child won't even know they are wearing shoes!

Prices range from $24.99 to $29.99 for a pair, and you can purchase directly from their website.

6. Jack N' Jill Natural Care

Another Australian import, Jack N' Jill started as a natural and hypoallergenic toothpaste with organic ingredients for babies, toddlers & children, featuring minimal, recyclable and BPA-free packaging. and expanded to other oral accessories like toothbrushes, rinse cups and wipes. 

Prices range from $4.99 for a toothbrush to $36.99 for a gift kit, and you can purchase directly from their website.

7. Greentom
Dubbed "the greenest stroller on Earth", Greentom is the first stroller in the world to be completely made of recycled raw materials and is safe, sturdy and sustainable while being incredibly lightweight. The frame is made of high-quality recycled polypropene and the fabric is 100% recycled PET-bottles, plus you can customize your stroller with a vibrant range of colors. This is Dutch design at its best and it's no surprise it won the Red Dot Design Award in 2016!

Prices range from $299 for a Classic to $699 for a 3-in-1 Combi Stroller, and you can purchase directly from their website.

Feeling major FOMO? Here are all the exhibitors at the New York Baby Show so you can do more discovering of your own!

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