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A Year Of Ethical Fashion: Issue 2

A Year Of Ethical Fashion is an ongoing series of monthly round-up posts where I share my ethical fashion finds as I work towards a more conscious wardrobe in 2017.
Issue 2 features Christy Dawn, Mercado Global, How We Soul and Siizu.
"Fashion should be about challenging the status quo." - Dilys Williams

Week 5: Christy Dawn
Every Christy Dawn piece is made by skilled seamstresses in Downtown Los Angeles, all of whom are paid a living wage and treated with respect and dignity. Each dress takes 2-3 hours to sew, from carefully-selected deadstock fabric to minimize the environmental footprint and in very limited quantities instead of mass-producing thousands at a time. Their intention is to create timeless, vintage-inspired pieces that speak of quality and craftsmanship. 

P/S: If you're on the market for a wedding dress, don't miss out on their stunning yet affordably-priced bridal section! 

You can connect with Christy Dawn on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest

Week 6: Mercado Global
If you love traditional weaving in bold, contemporary prints, you'll want to check out Mercado Global. A 501(c)3 social enterprise that connects indigenous artisans in rural Guatemala to international sales opportunities, they provide sustainable income-earning opportunities and access to business training and community-based education programs. They partner with over 400 artisans in various co-ops whose members have seen their daily income increase three-fold compared to the average Guatemalan daily wage, allowing them to provide for their families and break out of the poverty cycle.

You can connect with Mercado Global on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Week 7: How We Soul
How We Soul was started as a conscious decision to add beauty to the world, with an affordable range of leggings that are versatile enough to go from gym to a night out. The products are ethically sourced and manufactured in Montreal from eco-poly fibres that use 70% less water, heat and energy to produce than regular polyester, and excess garments are donated to local shelters. The best part? 100% of their after-cost profits go to the Botswana Orphan Project, which provides daycare and pre-school to young orphans and vulnerable children.

You can connect with How We Soul on Facebook and Instagram.

Week 8: Siizu
Siizu's philosophy is to design beautiful, high-quality apparel with ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices and an extra lean business model in order to deliver directly to the consumer at an affordable price point. Based in NYC, they use only eco-friendly materials like silk, tencel, cotton and linen that are 100% natural and sustainably grown with designs suitable for everyday city living.

You can connect with Siizu on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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