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Travelogue: The Birthplace Of A Revolution

This quiet little town in rural Germany may not look like the birthplace of a revolution, but it was here a German priest by the name of Martin Luther spoke up against the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church and started the Protestant Reformation
Luther had become convinced that the church was corrupt and had lost sight of the central truths of Christianity, and he was committed to his understanding that salvation was only possible through faith and the divine grace of God.

He wrote the 95 Theses as an impassioned proposition for debate with the church, criticizing the sale of indulgences, asserting that the Pope did not have the authority over purgatory and that the doctrine of the saints was not foundational to the gospel. It has been said that he nailed the document to the door of the Castle Church (a common academic practice during that time), and his provocation spread like wildfire throughout Europe and eventually led to the Protestant denominations of today. It takes real gumption to stand up against the powers that be, and a powerful testimony for standing up for what you believe in. 
All the shops were closed because we went on the day of Epiphany, but thankfully all the main sights were open and the empty streets made for great photography. I recommend you start at Tourist Information across from Castle Church and rent yourself an audio guide that will take you through all the must-see places in town in less than 2 hours. 
We skipped a couple of places in the interest of time and sat down for lunch at the only pub that was open along the stretch we were walking down. It felt like a smoky encounter out of a Murakami novel- the owner spoke no English and the menu was entirely in German, and the only thing we recognized on the menu was gluhwein because we were drinking it at every meal. These are the best kind of travel memories I suppose!
You get to Lutherstadt Wittenberg from Berlin Hauptbahnhof by express train in about 40 minutes, and the tickets cost €21 per person each way.

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