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Cultivate Gratitude With Art Of Organics And Thoughtfully Magazine

Art of Organics is off to an exciting start in 2017, collaborating with Thoughtfully Magazine for their January Gratitude box which offers a curation of products to help you cultivate daily gratitude through regular self-care.
I had the honor of connecting with Thoughtfully Magazine Founder & Creative Director Brandie Gilliam at the W.E.L.L Summit last year, and she greeted me with the warmth and familiarity of an old friend. If you haven't read this indie publication, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy at Whole Foods or Barnes & Noble (or their list of select retailers) and immerse yourself in the world of intentional and purposeful living through the gorgeous photography and trustworthy articles.

"Create a gratitude ritual of self-care each day by taking moments to appreciate all that you are and everything that you have, flaws and all." - Brandie Gilliam
The box comes with a helpful insert with '5 steps for incorporating gratitude into your life', and I recommend you put this somewhere you will look at regularly, like your vanity table or your work desk. They are small, simple steps you can take to radically transform your outlook in life,and I especially love Steps 4 and 5- reflecting on 3 things you feel grateful for (the 5-Minute Journal is a great tool for that!) and thinking of ways you can express your gratitude to the people around you.
The first thing you'll notice about the box is the cheery burst of yellow, which is such a welcoming sight in the cold, dreary winter here in the East Coast.  The selection features Indie Lee and Odacite treats with less than 5 ingredients (and a little bonus from Pour Le Monde), and I am thrilled to share my thoughts with you!
Indie Lee's journey began with a life-threatening brain tumor that pointed to environmental toxins as the culprit, and her recovery gave rise to a passion to create a namesake eco-chic collection with ingredients that were actually good for your face and body. She has successfully penetrated into the mainstream beauty industry and is stocked at Anthropologie, Saks Fifth Avenue and indie boutiques nation- and worldwide and featured by the likes of Cosmopolitan, Elle and Huffington Post.
The Vanilla Citrus Moisturizing Body Oil is a luxurious and ultra-hydrating body oil that is formulated with organic Jojoba Oil that most closely resembles the skin's natural sebum and Apricot Oil that is soothing and balancing. The formula is lightweight enough for your body, face and hair, making this ideal for a getaway kit, and I love the subtly sweet blend of vanilla and sweet orange. They recommend 2 to 4 drops for your face or body, but in the harsh winter here I use a generous handful and allow a bit more time for the oil to be absorbed into my parched skin. 
Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Oil, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) and Citrus Aurantium Sinensis (Sweet Orange)

Odacite is the perfect marriage of the Californian green movement with result-driven French skincare, and I first reviewed their Ac+R Youth Serum in Boxwalla's Wandering Woman box. Defined by potency, freshness and purity, Odacite's serum concentrates allows you to mix and match your own skincare cocktail based on your skin concerns or add a few drops to your existing moisturizer or cream to boost its performance.

The G+L Radiance Effect Serum Concentrate is a fast-acting formula that will restore and boost the radiance of your complexion. The star ingredient here is an ancient beauty secret of the geishas- Camellia Seed Oil extracted from the antioxidant-rich seeds of the green tea plant. It is bolstered by the addition of Lemongrass, which not only boasts of tension-relieving aromatherapy benefits but also tightens and refines dull and tired-looking skin. I have been adding 2 drops of this with a dollop of Bottega Organica's Face Balance Cream in the morning and it has been keeping my skin looking plump and enlivened even though I'm battling a stubborn cold!

Ingredients: Highest Grade Certified Virgin Organic Camellia (Camellia Oleifera) Seed Oil, Certified GMO-Free Vitamin E (Tocopherols) Oil and Certified Organic Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus) Essential Oil
P/S: The box also includes a tiny vial of Pour Le Monde's Together, but I am not a fan of dinky perfume samples and find them hard to review, so I'll leave it to you guys to decide if you love the scent! ;)

For $38 a month (including complimentary shipping), you will receive a carefully curated Art of Organics box with 2-4 products with a combined retail value of $70+, which gives you a steep discount to discover the best and most effective products in the clean beauty space. As a subscriber, you also get 15% of all your purchases in the online store, guaranteeing you continued savings if you want to repurchase the items you loved or try out other products from the brand.

P/S: You also have the option of gifting yourself (or a loved one) a one-time box for $45 so you don't have to commit to a subscription.
All the photos in this post are courtesy of Art of Organics.

* As a Clean Beauty Ambassador, the box in this post was kindly provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are my own. This blog post also contains affliate links. 

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