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Guest Post: My Son's Eczema Drove Me To A Holistic Lifestyle

[Credit: Nguyen Thanh Binh]
It was my birthday. I was nursing a 6 month old with severe eczema and multiple food allergies, which meant I was on a very restrictive diet that excluded gluten, dairy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut and soy to name a few. We found a bakery that takes custom orders for people with allergies, and I enjoyed my sweet treat with my family.

The next day, my son had a terrible breakout which lasted days. I called the place to confirm the ingredients, and it turned out they had overlooked the coconut in the icing! I was livid.

My son’s symptoms were typically very severe. Raised, red eczema patches. Inflamed, ITCHY, red (sunburned-looking skin). Internal inflammation was detected through various markers in his blood work. Daytime sleep was nearly impossible for him due to his discomfort and resulted in much cuddling and holding him to sleep, and nighttime sleep was interrupted every couple of hours. His symptoms can manifest from accidental ingestion (by me transmitted through my breast milk), and it takes up to two weeks to recover from these episodes. Extreme scratching exacerbated his rashes, which would become more inflamed and increased the risk of infection from bleeding.

We initially followed the doctor’s protocol and gave him antihistamine to help alleviate the inflammation, and it helped to bring down the internal and external swelling over the course of the next several days. Having adopted a holistic approach to health, however, I did not want to continue to use the antihistamine and cortisone cream.

My baby’s physical health continued to decline as we watched him dropping off his growth curve. Our happy baby become very lethargic, mopey and serious. I avoided taking photos of him because I did not want the memory of how bad it was. He was not meeting some developmental milestones, which was very alarming not only to my husband and I but to his pediatrician. My husband and I cried out to God. We did not understand what was happening, but we prayed for our son’s healing. 

[Credit: Nguyen Thanh Binh]
I continued my reading and researching on everything allergy and eczema related, and a helpful resource was The Eczema Diet by Karen Fischer.  I began following a few functional medicine doctors and articles they have written about leaky gut, allergies, and how food affects our health. I spent hours researching natural eczema creams, soaps, and other natural skin care products. I even spent hours once at a health vitamin shop with the nutritional consultant learning from his textbook about how our body responds to an allergic response and what leaky gut looks like. There were many divine appointments to fuel the path God was leading me on. Each time I prayed for wisdom, God answered ever so clearly! “I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you among straight paths.” - Proverbs 4:11

We completely stopped using cortisone cream, and eventually weaned my son off the antihistamine and reserved it for severe emergencies. We made significant dietary changes, eating a whole foods (anti-inflammatory rich) diet, cut out sugar and processed foods. To my surprise, I even noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin and improvement in digestion. My husband joined our bandwagon and started to experience an improvement in his sinusitis from his allergies. We began seeing a naturopathic doctor who was a God-send. Many nutritional supplements were added to his daily regime, which have been vital to his road to recovery. She told me it would take several months for his body to heal from the internal damage done to his gut and liver function. This was not easy for me, but I heard God whisper to me that he was fine-tuning my patience and reminded me that He is with us. 

All of the knowledge that I continued to gain empowered me. It became vital in directing the blood tests I wanted ordered for my son in a desperate effort to get to the bottom of my son’s condition, which was resulting in his horrific eczema symptoms. All of the natural skin creams I was finding contained coconut. It was then I stumbled upon The Eczema Company’s Manuka Honey Skin Cream, and I think my excitement was heard from the roof top! 

We noticed results immediately. It not only helped calm the visible skin inflammation but provided the moisture my son’s severely dry skin desparately needed. In the winter months our regime required application 4 times a day, but in the warmer months we could reduce application to 2-3 times a day. Application always followed after wet wrapping and bathing. Over the course of the next several months we noticed our son come back to life. He began meeting those developmental milestones and he was happy and smiling again. He adored his older sister and loved playing with her.

My journey began with a steep learning curve about eczema, triggers, prevention, and treatment, but it pushed me to fully commit to the holistic journey I had been dabbling in over the past few years. We have had a transformation in our home from the cleaning and skin care products we use to the food we eat. The use of essential oils has also been incorporated into our regimes. The results from these changes motivates us to continue on this holistic path.

Special thanks to my sister-in-law Danielle for penning this heartfelt post about her struggle with her son's eczema, and stay tuned for more product reviews from The Eczema Company.


  1. What a story Tricia - nothing worse than watching your baby's health decline and not know what the cause is. So tough - like being a detective. Thanks for sharing your story - and I have to look into that cream...

    1. It was heartbreaking to watch, and even more frustrating when doctors only prescribe medication to suppress the symptons without examining the root cause. And yes, she now swears by the Manuka cream and wet-wrapping!


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