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Why I Am Breaking Up With Fast Fashion And Choosing Les Sublimes

Ladies and gentleman, I am breaking up with fast fashion. C'est vrai.

Earlier this year I saw The True Cost on Netflix, a thought-provoking documentary that highlighted the impact of fast fashion on the environment and the human race, and you can read the alarming numbers for yourself. I decided that my goal for 2016 would be to shop quality over quantity and be very conscious about my fashion consumption habits. 

So when Parisian e-tailer Les Sublimes asked if I would help them spread the word about their soon-to-launch line of ethically-made wardrobe essentials, I was more than happy to oblige.

More than a year in the making, Les Sublimes is the brainchild of co-founders Alexis Assoignon and Kachen Hong, a former Account Executive for luxury fashion brands in New York and a consultant in sustainable consumption. Out of personal frustration at the lack of sustainable brands in the market, they decided to create a collection of stylish investment pieces infused with comfort and effortless beauty, offered at wallet-friendly prices. 

Their inaugural Made-in-France collection consists of 6 functional items that are designed to have you go "effortlessly from brunch in Brooklyn to a safari in Serengeti", featuring two tanks, two tees and two dresses, all named after different cities in the world.

Partnering with a small-town family-run atelier in Renaison, France with close to 5 decades of manufacturing experience, all the pieces are made from responsible fabrics by happy employees who benefit from fair wages, a flexible work schedule and high workplace standards. Scrap materials are also donated to a local business that transforms them into new textiles rather than going to waste. (You can read their Sustainability FAQs here.)

The early-bird prices range from €35 to €109 (or €349 for the entire collection if you are in need of a wardrobe overhaul), and to further their global impact, Les Sublimes will pay it forward by giving one month of education to a young girl in need for every piece sold.

Paris Luxury Tank (Early Bird Special of €35)
Les SublimesPokhara Luxury Long Sleeve (€59)
My favorite item from the collection are the Paris Luxury Tank and the Pokhara Luxury Long Sleeve, versatile and all-season basics in timeless shades of black, white and rosé. I imagine pairing the tank with my favorite pair of distressed jeans and Converse sneakers to run errands with, and the long sleeve with a statement necklace and bloom shorts and a pair of sparkly sandals for a weekend date. 
Les Sublimes
Les Sublimes also has grand plans to grow beyond their French roots to a network of manufacturers all over the world, with the underlying motivation to share a fair and honest for-profit production model that is a radical breakaway from exploitative industry practices. It is worth repeating that every purchase you make from Les Sublimes directly supports the garment workers, artisans, farmers, working mothers and families with a sustainable living wage and the freedom and opportunities attached to that.

Here's how it works- you can help Les Sublimes get the collection off the ground by supporting their Indiegogo campaign and pre-order their designs to raise €10,000 to buy their sustainable fabrics at bulk prices. This will allow them to produce the pieces at a better price and pass on 25-40% of savings off the luxury brand prices without any compromise in the quality.

The campaign will run for a month until July 22 and the orders will ship to you by the end of September. Don't worry, you can exchange the products if you need a different size or receive a defective piece! 

Every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in, and choosing Les Sublimes is a vote for a world of beauty, mutual respect and integrity. I know we can all stand behind that.

All images and video in this post are courtesy of Les Sublimes.

What do you think of Les Sublimes?
 What is your favorite item from their Made-in-France collection?


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM EDT

    Such an interesting and informative article!! Thanks for inspiring us all to quit fast fashion by sharing beautiful alternatives. It's great to see more and more cool brands launching that provide more affordable options!

    1. I am so excited for the future of ethical fashion and love knowing that even though I am one person I can make a difference. Thank you for reading and to see you again soon :)


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