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Ceinwen's Letter to
Her Younger Self

When I was pursuing my postgraduate studies in education in Melbourne, Ceinwen was my teacher mentor for one of my practicums. She treated me as an equal in her classroom and always radiated such a sense of calm, and I count myself very blessed to have worked with her. 
I was immediately drawn to her come-what-may and down-to-earth demeanor that encouraged me deeply during a very difficult period of my life. She generously invited me to stay with her and her daughters for a few days when I hit rock-bottom, and provided a place of love and support (and homecooked meals) when I needed it most.

Ceinwen is now happily married to her best friend Tom and mother to three beautiful girls with a fourth (a boy!) on the way. 

With that said, I am excited to share with you her letter to her younger self. Thank you Ceinwen!

Dear Ceinwen,

Look, you don’t need a spoiler alert for this letter, because there will be no spoilers: for better or worse you are going to have to live through the ups and downs life’s going to bring you, because if you change anything, you might not have all the good things you have now. And yes, there will be bad things, of course there will, but they will pass and made you the person you are today.

Having said that, there are some things I think it would be ok to give you the heads up on, without changing the space time continuum.

1. Work your pelvic floor. 

There is no reason not to get started RIGHT NOW on the health of this part of your body. It’s the least taxing exercise you can do (I know you aren’t that fond of exercise!) Just do it, lady. You’ll thank me (yourself) later.

2. Don’t stop counting your blessings. 

I know you already do, but really be mindful of it . It’s going to get you through some tough times. Just remember: there’s always SOMETHING that’s good in your life, amongst all the chaos. Remembering that will really make a difference.

3. Your friends are so important.­ 

You really got lucky in the friendship stakes! You will have friends that will come and go, but lucky you, there will always be someone there for you when you need them. A lot of them might not be in your everyday life but you will find time and again that with many of them you can pick up where you left off with hardly a gap.

4. Take risks.

Most of the time you will be able to avoid making decisions, and will cruise through life without having to commit to a choice (I know you like it this way- less chance of making a mistake, right?!). I just want to say to you, when you DO have to make a choice, don’t be scared to take a risk! Even if your choice turns out not to be the best one, you can’t learn without making mistakes. Mistakes are ok. (Except for that time you bleached your hair. That was NOT a good mistake.)

That’s all, young Ceinwen. Good luck!


All photos in this post are courtesy of Ceinwen.

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