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Travelogue: A Thousand Buddhas in Ayutthaya

80 km north and an hour's drive from the city center in Bangkok lies the ancient remains of Ayutthaya, once the most prosperous city in Asia when it was founded in 1350. The diverse and bustling economic and political capital was almost burnt to the ground when the Burmese invaded the land in 1767, leaving behind the ruins that now makes up a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We hired a private driver through the hotel to take us around so that we could travel at our own pace, and it actually worked out to be much cheaper than all of us joining a group tour. I promise you will see enough Buddha statues to last you a lifetime. 

My favorite was Wat Mahatat, home to the fallen Buddha head that has somehow become tangled in the roots of a Bodhi tree after several centuries. It is considered holy by Thai people, so you are expected to kneel next to the head as a sign of respect if you want to take a photography with it.

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