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An Evening Of Yoga And Ethical Shopping At Impact Garden

It's not every day one gets to practise yoga on the same court that the New York Knicks play on, so I immediately accepted when my girl Kasey (of Plein Vanity) extended an invitation for me to attend Impact Garden at the Madison Square Garden with her.

An initiative by supermodel/activist Heide Lindgren and non-profit organization Rebuild Globally, Impact Garden was a special night of kudalini yoga with fellow supermodel Angela Lindvall, shopping from 15 leading artisan brands and hobnobbing with industry influencers and other celebrities.
To be honest, Kasey and I were both starving after yoga and too focused on getting our hands on the delicious organic pizzas from Neapolitan Express to recognize anyone in the crowd.

Kudalini Yoga with supermodel and yoga teacher Angela Lindvall
As part of our VIP tickets, we scored an eco-friendly Yoga Design Lab mat, a pair of Happy Socks, handmade leather sandals from Deux Mains and an awesome goody bag filled with other eco products. We also participated in the Global Fashion Exchange by swapping lightly-used clothing for something else that other attendees had brought in, which is such a fun and sustainable way to update our wardrobe!

The highlight of the night was the opportunity to connect with the various brands and hear about how they are making a difference in the world through their work, and it certainly inspires me to be more conscious about how I spend my money.
Deux Mains
Some of my favorite booths included Article 22, a jewelry line created from 70s Vietnam War era bombs by Laotian artisans, Raven and Lily, an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized women across 9 countries, Mercado Global, a social enterprises that empowers indigenous women in Guatemala, and All Across Africaan organization focused on equipping rural families in underserved regions of Africa with self-sufficiency skills.
Article 22
Mercado Global
All Across Africa

P/S: I was initially nervous about doing yoga in the presence of so many people since it has been a while since I last picked up my mat, but I am so glad I faced my fears and am getting out of my fitness rut. Thank you again Kasey for a wonderful evening!

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