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Travelogue: In The Footsteps Of Alice And Harry Potter

Oxford is located southeast of London, an 80-minute train ride from Paddington station. It is everything I imagined England to be, with historical buildings reflecting every English architecture period since Saxon times. Every turn presented itself a photographic opportunity and being there was an absolute dream for a shutterbug like me.

You may know it as being home to Oxford University, the oldest university in the English-speaking world and second-oldest surviving university in the world. Harry Potter fans may also recognize Christ Church Cathedral where many of the scenes in the movie series were shot. More noteworthy for me, it was where a young Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson (pen name Lewis Carroll) met his muse Alice Lidell, the real-life inspiration behind his classics Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. 

The unfortunate thing about traveling in winter is that you lose daylight very quickly, so when the sun set at half-past four we found ourselves on High Street going in and out of local shops and spending way too long in an antique shop picking out vintage postcards and first-day covers. We ended our day with a traditional English meal at Bear Inn, the oldest pub in town.

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