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Travelogue: The Art of
Being Content

While I did almost no planning for my London trip, one of my few must-sees was Content Beauty in the upmarket neighborhood of Marylebone, especially since it came highly recommended by fellow green beauty lover Nic. I waited till Andrew had left for the airport and dragged Melissa to the store with me instead.
Content Beauty describes itself as being London's leading organic and natural apothecary, and is a boutique organic skincare store, naturopathic clinic, beauty salon and e-commerce store all at once. 
We were greeted by the warm and affable Shelley, who immediately made us feel at home. I told her I lived in New York and was keen to explore the non-US brands, and she proceeded to give me a quick walk-through of the different brands available and the top products from those lines.
The store houses a treasure trove of green beauty products from leading brands in the UK, Europe and America, ranging from skincare and cosmetics to bath and body, hair, perfume and supplements. They are happy to hand out samples for you to try at home before committing to the full-sized products, and Shelley was generous in offering testers while assuring us that we were in no way pressured to make any purchase. 
I must have been in the store for almost an hour and the phone was constantly ringing, with customers calling in with questions, requests and orders. I was really impressed with how Shelly took her time with each one of them and her knowledge of the wide range of products that Content carries. All these in between having to answer our questions about this and that and always with a smile on her face. Talk about stellar customer service!
I had gone in with the intention of purchasing some UK green beauty products, but I still have so many new, unopened products from Christmas and my birthday that I know whatever I buy would end up sitting in my cabinet for months before I could get round to them. I did however have a field day smelling and slathering products all over myself.
I ended up buying the Virgo Zodiac Eaux De Parfum by Strange Invisible Perfumes because they had an introductory offer that meant it was cheaper than in the US. After spritzing myself all over with half a dozen of the zodiac perfumes, I was spellbound by Virgo's gorgeous blend of neroli, temple mandarin and rose that is supposed to 'reflect deep introspect and a dedication to nuance'. Why not.

Content Beauty is located at 14 Bulstrode Street in Marylebone, London and is opened weekdays from 10:00 - 7:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 - 6:00. You can also shop the entire store online here.


  1. My favourite place to visit when I go to London! So glad you got a chance to visit!

    1. Thanks Amber! London is my new favorite city now :)


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