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World Wide Women:
Sharon In Paris

The third feature in the World Wide Woman series is Sharon, a flight attendant turned freelance artist who now resides in Paris with her husband and their beautiful daughter Luli.

I fell in love with her whimsical artwork and stunning photographs of Paris, and you can follow her (and Luli!) on Instagram @jolie.luli or support her Etsy store @jolieluli.

Ni Hao Sharon! You travelled all over the world. Where is your favorite city?

That is a tough question to answer as I've travelled to more than 25 countries and over 70 cities!

One of my favorite cities is surely Cape Town, so good that I've returned with my parents to discover it even more. The people are kind and down to earth, and I enjoy the whale watching, scenic views and good wine.

I hold Tokyo close at heart too, as there is so much intricacy in every little thing that they do, from packaging to little paper boxes. And who can ever forget Japanese cuisine? Mouthwatering and healthy goodness.

I also love EVERYTHING about Queenstown, New Zealand- the mountains, the sheep, the streams, the jade-like lakes, fresh produce, good wine and crisp air that cannot be compared to anywhere in the world for me. 

You moved to Paris earlier this year. What do you love most about living in France?

Oui, it was in March that we landed in the land of baguettes! My husband Fabien and I had lived in Singapore for about 26 years combined and Paris was a great choice as his family is here and Luli, our 3 year old would be going to formal school. The timing was just perfect as we settled in towards summer and enjoyed the transition very much. The days were long and there were many things we could do in Paris.

We live in the 2nd arrondisement (district), and we are blessed to be right in the city, where Luli's school is closeby and most importantly, the good boulangerie (French-style bakery) is just next door.

In Paris, every little corner surprises. Every district is special. The passageways in my neighborhood are filled with restaurants, boutiques and galleries. However they are nicely hidden and it takes patience and curiosity to discover them all. We go often to Galerie Vivienne and Passage Choiseul, both of which are just behind our apartment.

What was it like transitioning from working full-time to being a stay-at-home mom?

I LOVED IT. I was traveling a lot even when I was not working since I often had to travel back home to Malaysia (from Singapore). When it was time to be "still'' for a moment, I fully embraced it.

I am a homebody at heart. When my little one arrived, I loved taking care of my family. Society is changing though and a working mom is more the norm than a stay-at-home mum. Especially here in France, where most women work and both parents are equal.

How has motherhood changed you?

It has made me different in every aspect, which scares me and my husband! (laughs) But my basic personality traits remain- I am down-to-earth, sensitive and simple.

I think we ALL change when we become mothers. There's a certain strength we never knew we could have, and we think about everything. Maturity is inevitable, but being goofy is always good fun. I was paranoid as a new mom, very cautious and protective.  I wish I could paint a better canvas to express it but if I were to be honest with myself, I would have loved to be more relaxed and enjoyed the journey even more.

Motherhood has given me more patience, more tolerance and more love. I am so grateful to be here and present and see my family grow. And to have my family with me now.

You are a freelance artist working from home. What inspires you? 
I believe that my clients who work with me are my inspirations, what they like and what they do. 

And of course Luli holds a lot of inspiration for me. I would ask for her opinion and her honest and brutal truth is my prized possession.

I often just sketch and daydream about things before I start.
What is your favorite French expression?

Je pense à rien, je rêve a tout. (I think of nothing, I dream of everything.)

Merci beaucoup Sharon! I am so ready to pack my suitcase for Paris!

If you know someone who could be featured in this series, you can email me at tricia [at] nihaonewyork [dot] net.


  1. What a beautiful woman, inside and out. Thank you for sharing, I needed the insperation today 💜💗💜

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the article Karlie! Have a blessed Christmas :)

    2. Thank you again Trish for the feature. Truly humbled. And Karlie for the beautiful respond to this post. Happy Birthday Trish!! Let's cheers to a healthy and happy new year!!

  2. Lovely! And I love CT too - what a great city!

    1. Andrew said it's serendipitous that my next interview involved both South Africa and Japan ;)


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