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American Eagle Outfitters
Coffee-Infused Jeans

So it turns out you can drink your coffee and wear it too, which is pretty exciting news if you are a coffee addict like me. 
I'm always a little late to the party but in October American Eagles Outfitters debuted two lines of jeans "Denim X Cafe" and "Flex/Cafe", featuring 2.25 grams of recycle coffee grounds per pair. With our ever-growing coffee culture, I love that we can repurpose leftover coffee grounds into the clothes we wear.
Thanks to the natural deodorizing quality of coffee grounds, the jeans promise to absorb the odors produced by your body and allow you to go more wears between washes. The coffee grounds infusion also create a long-lasting natural and chemical-free shield for yarn and fiber, protecting you from harmful UV rays (5 times more than regular cotton). 
For those who prefer not to walk around smelling like a pot of coffee, you can breathe easy because the grounds have been specially treated to remove fragrant compounds like phenols, esters and oils.
On a side note, Levi's CEO Chip Bergh hails his denim as the "ultimate in slow fashion" and urges people to stop washing their jeans. I know a friend who washes her jeans only once a year while I do it every couple of months unless I spill something on it.

I own two pairs of AEO jeans and know that their sizes run differently based on the style of the jeans. I decided to make a trip to the nearest store to physically try on the jeans- this collection runs true to size for me, and the pair I picked fits me like a glove, although the regular length was a little longer than I would have liked and the short length is only available online (I am 5"5).
As with my two other well-loved pairs, it was love at first wear for me. I was a Uniqlo devotee until I discovered AEO at a friend's recommendation. I must say that their jeans are affordable, comfortable and of high-quality, and I know that every pair I buy will last me for a long time.
All photos credit of American Eagle Outfitters.
Have you tried anything from this AEO collection?
What is your favorite denim brand?


  1. Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren has really stylish jeans as well! OOoh but i really love the pair you bought! Just the right amount of 'distress'!
    P.S. did i tell u that my family is planning for a trip to NYC towards the end of April? *fingers and toes crossed* I CANT WAIT!

    1. April is a great time to visit because it would be at the peak of spring! <3 Can't wait to see you my dear!


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