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The Choosy Chick Wants You To
Fall For Green Beauty

When it comes to selecting personal care products for you and your family, it pays to be choosy. Many of us are shocked to learn that the products we use on ourselves and our children every day are largely unregulated by the FDA and laden with toxic ingredients linked to cancer, infertility and developmental disorders, but it can be overwhelming to navigate through the aisles trying to decode labels and make the right decisions. 
As a wife and mother of 4 boys and an educator, Margot White is committed to guiding people to make healthier choices. Her personal quest for safe and effective products led her to set up The Choosy Chick as a one-stop shop with the cleanest products at family-friendly prices. With her husband Joe who works in the healthcare industry, they developed their own Choosy Chick standard which forms the foundation for their product research and selection, and their website contains useful resources and articles to help you learn how to green up your home. 
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