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Boxwalla And Earthwise Beauty: Slow Beauty In A Fast-Paced World

I sound like a broken record, but Boxwalla has mastered the impossible art of continually surpassing themselves, which also explains their success in the oversaturated subscription box business. Their much-anticipated June Beauty Box invites us to experience the Wandering Wood Nymph's Sun-Kissed Alchemy, featuring niche green beauty brand Earthwise Beauty founded by herbalist Ava Zhan over a decade ago. 
What sets the line apart is Ava's use of hard-to-find and often barely known medicinal plants, with formulas that tend to the richer and earthier. Her products are made from unrefined, unprocessed food-grade natural ingredients, traditionally prepared herbs, and aromatherapy-grade essential oils, developed to appeal to modern sensibilities in terms of texture, feel, color and scent. 
Everything is laboriously handcrafted in small batches in her studio in Spokane, WA and her dedication to sustainability is evident throughout the manufacturing process from ingredient sourcing and product development to packaging and shipping materials.

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